Purchasing property in London is still a worthwhile investment.

Internationally, the Property market in the UK is still considered to be a successful investment.In the UK there are two basic forms of tenancy: leasehold and freehold. In the second instance (freehold) you can sell your home and land. In the first case (kleasehold) you can easily find a property but your right to use the building is limited to a certain period. House prices sold in leasehold directly depend on the remaining period of leasehold and this period can be more than 100 years. Of course, freehold is ultimately more profitable than leasehold.

Having said that, however property in London is not for those who search for property at the lower end of the market. The status of London as the capital city of one of the most affluent countries on the planet, results in high property values.  In the best parts of London the price per square meter varies from £7 thousand to £ 31-40 thousand. If you don’t want to make a freehold purchase in the capital, there is wide variety of flats to rent in London.
But competition among tenants is strong. That is why, experts advise not to be slow off the mark if you find the property of your dreams. However, if you are not competing with anyone for the tenancy, this may be because the price is too high or there is something restrictive in the lease. For more information please click here.

To buy property in the UK is not so easy. This process involves  a broad range of measures both before a purchase and sale transaction, and executing a transaction.

  • What are you thinking about when buying a new home?
  • Are you thinking about the way that you can start your new life there?
  • How about the money that you are going to spend?

While there are many things which keep your mind busy when you are shopping for a property there is one thing which you should not forget. Before going ahead with either purchasing or leasing a property approach a law firm that is fully experienced in both areas and who will give you the best advice and help.

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